Ahfimi Brands is a premium line of environmentally friendly bags that are practical, stylish, and reasonably priced for the quality.

The name "Ahfimi" derives from the Jamaican cultural dialect Patois; and may be translated to mean "it is mine", "I own it" or "it belongs to me".

Ahfimi Brands is the brain child of Graphic Designer Karesa Blagrove and was started in the summer of 2008; with an emphasis on creating practical carry all bags that are of high quality, stylish, and affordable.

Ahfimi Brands products are made only from the finest and carefully chosen 100% cotton, linen and recycled leather; as such, they are environmentally friendly, fashionable, and right in line with going green. In addition, a unique feature of Ahfimi Brands is that, no two bag styles are repeated with the same fabric. All products are made in Karesa's small home studio and she handpicks all fabrics, draft every pattern and construct each item.

Ahfimi Brands' products are 100% handmade in the USA.